Amazon Web Services Needs India To Spearhead Next Technological Revolution

Recognized for delivering the best software talent for years all over the world, India has now boarded upon a Cloud-boosted journey to get ready for the Next-Gen of talented data scientists, workers, mobile developers, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) mavericks.

The task is huge and AWS, Amazon Web Services, (Cloud business arm of online retail behemoth Amazon) has now fast-tracked training the young. This will offer them early authorization to its fundamental Cloud platform that has already changed millions of start-ups and enterprises all over the world.

It is a win-win situation for thousands of India students.

As they get busy obtaining Cloud computing skills employing the “AWS Educate” program, they are aware once their careers start, the entry obstacle to innovation will not be that difficult. This will be because they will not have to lose sleep over data privacy issues & frequent server crashes and worry about arranging huge IT infrastructure.

“For us, every person is the origination of innovation and AWS Cloud platform offers a person entire access to tech that has changed huge enterprises. Even a minor innovation that will arrive from Cloud-boosted skilled labor force will be important to make the globe a better place to reside,” Regional Head of Education, Research and Non-profits at AWS for APAC, Vincent Quah, to the media in an interview.

India currently has a fertile landscape for start-up that requires regular supply of data scientists. As per a new report by NITI Aayog named as “National Strategy for AI,” by 2020 India is going to encounter a demand-supply breach of 200,000 data analytics experts.

Speaking of AWS, Hancom Inc. (the leading office software developer of South Korea) this week claimed that it has joined AWS to roll out a web-supported shared workplace supporting editing of documents based on Hancom Office at Amazon WorkDocs.

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