Bathrooms For All…Says Starbucks Following The American African Row!

In a meeting at Atlantic Council located in Washington, Howard Schultz, the Chairman at Starbucks, declared to open the gates of the shops to everyone, irrespective of any purchases done. He further mentioned that the conventional policies are getting revamped and the prime target of the company is to make the people feel warmth at the Starbucks outlets, regardless of any purchase or race. However, the decision was taken post the controversy surrounding the arrest of the two American African men.

He further mentioned that the previous policies of the shops were to allow no one to the bathroom but the customers. This policy has been revised and will now give access to the outsiders as well. However, he also mentioned that it will not allow the outlets to transform into a public restroom.

The Chairman also revealed the loopholes in the business policies that failed to overcome the barrier of racism. This was present during a period of time between the onset of a campaign named Race Together in 2015 and the arrest of the black men. He even considered the company as the responsible entity for the wrong decisions made by the store manager.

During the time of arrests, a video was revealed that clearly shows that the outlet allowed a white man to enter the bathroom while restricted a black man from entering the same place. The controversy intensified as neither of them were the customers.

Due to the promotion of racism, 8,000 coffee outlets are booked for the racial bias training. This will be the largest training ever held of its genre and will produce enhanced outcomes.

Schultz is also hopeful regarding the training as he expects a new era to start that will promote humanism in the employees of Starbucks, without any feeling of racism.

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