Faulty CO Alarms Pulled From eBay, Amazon

Alarming systems have gained popularity due to the immense usability and peace of mind. Amazon and eBay have been selling the Carbon monoxide alarms for quite some time. However, these have failed the security tests and were taken offline. Some of the analysts also believe that the alarms are similar to the ones which had already failed the safety tests in 2016.

During the safety test, these were produced in a carbon monoxide-rich ambiance out of which three of the Chinese unbranded alarms failed to hoot the siren. After the failure of the tests, not only the similar products were banned from the e-commerce stores but the existing customers were also suggested to get an immediate replacement. The customers were also suggested to get a refund from the respective companies.

The Managing Director of Home Products & Services, Alex Neil also expressed his concerns regarding the products. He further mentioned that Amazon and eBay are the most common e-commerce sellers, which has made the situation even more serious. The products have not only cheated the consumers but have also put their safeties at risk. Hence, he has suggested implementing stricter measures to ensure the potentially dangerous products never get a chance to enter people’s home.

Alex Neil has also stated that the tightening of the safety measures on behalf of the OPSS or the Office for Product Safety & Standards is the only way to curb the risks associated with the selling of the safety failed items.

In response to the present allegation, eBay has stated that the safety of the clients is of the utmost priority. The spokeswoman even said that the company is conjugated with organizations like Trading Standards in order to confirm that the items being sold on the platform abide by the local and other laws. She has also confirmed rectifying the products by scrutinizing the situation minutely.

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