Tesla Blames Previous Worker Of Transferring And Hacking Data

Tesla Inc has took legal action against a previous worker stating that he hacked the trade secrets of the electric carmaker and transferred huge amounts of firm’s data to 3rd parties. This data is as per a lawsuit filed in Nevada in a federal court this week.

In its lawsuit, the firm stated that Martin Tripp, who earlier worked in Nevada at the Tesla Gigafactory, had confessed to developing software that hacked the manufacturing operating system of the company. This transferred various gigabytes of its information to 3rd parties.

Tripp was not instantly accessible for interview. His hacking code was working on 3 individual PCs of other employees at Tesla so that the information will be exported even after he resigned the firm and wrongly involve those people, as per the court case.

“Within a couple of months of Tripp entering Tesla, his managers verified Tripp as having issues with job performance and at times being combative and disruptive with his fellow employees,” the lawsuit claimed.

“Consequently, due to these and other problems, Tripp was placed on a new role on or about May 17, 2018. Tripp showed annoyance that he was replaced.”

On a related note, previously this week, Elon Musk (Tesla Chief Executive) informed workers via an email that an unidentified Tesla worker had performed extensive sabotage to the operations of the company. “The full damage of his deeds are not yet apparent, but what he has confessed to so far is very bad,” Musk claimed without telling as to who he was pointing to. A spokesperson at Tesla had no extra comments to offer to the media.

Due to these actions, share of Tesla, which was climbing up last week, slightly fell below $355 this week. As of now, no news is out as to what punishment will be given to Tripp for his crimes.

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