The Design For Apple iPod Motivated A Building In Dubai

Over the period of time a lot of brands, companies, and people have been motivated by Apple, although they might find hard to admit it. Be it hardware, software, design, or technology, the Cupertino-located tech firm has set many a styles. On the other hand, this newest inspiration follows as a bit of a shock. A building in Dubai motivated by the design of Apple iPod is all geared up to come up. Dubbed as The Pad, the building has been developed by Hong Kong-located architecture company known as James Law Cybertecture.

As per the website of the company, “The architecture of the Pad is motivated by the Apple iPod, and extends up the shape of an iPod to a building.” From the pictures on the website of the company, the building does have a similarity to the iPod. The Pad is a 26 storey high residential construction situated in Business Bay, United Arab Emirates. The construction of the building is slanted at 6.5 Degrees, which is a design orientation to the original iPod inclining when placed in a charging dock. The device, launched initially in 2001, was an extensively successful device from the firm and motivated a number of music players. But motivating a building is first of a kind.

As for the structure, it has been under development since 2007 but is on the verge of conclusion now. Building of The Pad was stopped in 2009 due to the real estate economy being in an unstable situation. On the other hand, 4 Years later, in 2013 the construction was un-paused again and is now nearly set to conclude.

On a related note, this year Apple is rumored to roll out iPhone in 3 versions. According to rumors, these comprise a premium variant of iPhone X (expected to be dubbed as iPhone X Plus), iPhone X successor with both FaceID and OLED display, and 3rd is a budget handset with 6.1-inch LCD screen with no 3D Touch.

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